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Tairos Tennis Club won the award

Champion of the Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao

Youth Tennis Team Invitational Tournament

The First Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao Youth Tennis Team Invitational

Shenzhen News Network, March 25, 2023 (Reporter Feng Muyuan) On March 25, 2023, the 2023 Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao Youth Tennis Team Invitational Tournament (the first edition) kicked off vigorously at Shenzhen Bay Sports Training Center in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. After a day of intense competition, Hong Kong Tairos Tennis Club won the championship of the event.

Tairos Team Wins 2022 Award
Huo Yingdong Cup Tennis Team Championship
Platinum Group Champion

From September 1st to 4th, 2022, in the 30th Huo Yingdong Cup Tennis Team Tournament, after four days of competition, the Tailai tennis team won the highest level Platinum championship!
In this Hong Kong tennis competition, the participating teams are crowded with stars, including government departments, major banks, accounting firms, etc. Tai Lai Investment Management Company participated for the first time, with all team members actively preparing before the competition. They put in all their efforts and fought tenaciously in the competition, ultimately winning the championship with a total victory!

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Interview by Sky Finance 

(December 2020)

Host: Suki and Becky

Mr Tai Chan was interviewed as "Outstanding Person" 

(February 2019)

Being the founder of Tairos Investment Manager Co., Ltd, Mr Chan has a fruitful life experience. He used to be a director of the regional subsidiaries of multinational financial groups, young athletes tennis coach, insurance industry practitioners, heads of private bank investment advisory departments and sales directors.

 Both storms and possibilities exist in the financial world, his experience of getting through is tortuous and rich.

He always lives with positive energy, every step of his life is steady and full of excitement.


Mr Tai Chan was nominated as 

Outstanding Person in 2019

"Being a person, no matter what kind of situation he is in, no matter what kind of environment he needs to face, and no matter what decision he needs to make, he should take a humble and serious attitude, to pursue a broad vision, and do something meaningful."

—— Tai Chan

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