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The ​Founder


Mr Tai Chan

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer.


After graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Boise State University in the United States, Mr. Tai Chan went on to acquire three master degrees while working full-time: a Master of Science degree in Financial Economics (University of London), a Master of Applied Finance (Macquarie University), and a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

He has nearly 30 years of experience in the finance & investment industry and worked in several large international/regional financial institutions: AIG International Inc. (AIGI), HKEX, AIA, Chinatrust Commercial Bank - International Private Banking, and UBS AG.
At AIGI, a foreign exchange trading company of American International Group (AIG), worked briefly as a settlement clerk in 1993, Mr. Chan moved up quickly to the trading desk. He traded Asian currencies for a stint before heading up the AIG Global Emerging Markets Currencies research (1995 to 1998). During the Asian financial crisis of 1997 - 98, he was responsible for managing the liquidity of all Asian currencies for the company’s trading activities around the world. From time to time, AIGI carried huge short positions in certain Asian currencies. For example, in a brief period in 1998, the daily liquidity requirement in Hong Kong dollar alone was very high. With the prospect of the overnight interest rates moving from 6-7% to 1,200% in a matter of hours, managing a large demand for liquidity in a highly uncertain environment was very challenging. AIGI played a pivotal role in the Asian financial crisis. It was on the same side or the opposite side of the trade with hedge funds titans such as Soros; and it had direct and in-depth engagements with regulators from different regions/countries such as the Bank of Thailand, and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. In the frenzy of speculative activities, it was, sometimes, the single source of liquidity for some Asian currencies. Amid the turmoil of the Asian financial crisis, he was promoted to the board of directors of the Hong Kong subsidiary in 1998, with executive responsibilities to develop the treasury products business in Greater China. This experience and the subsequent fate of AIG have made an indelible impression on Mr. Chan’s understanding of the financial world. From 2012 to 2017, Mr. Chan worked at Chinatrust Commercial Bank and UBS AG. He helped the former set up and managed the investment consulting unit for its newly established international private banking; and he was a client advisor in the wealth management business of the latter.

When Mr. Chen returned to Hong Kong from the United States after graduating from university, he sat alone by the Tsim Sha Tsui East and looked at the high-rise buildings across from Victoria Harbour. He was deeply attracted by the vitality of the Hong Kong financial center and "aspired" to work for financial institutions in every magnificent building. After more than 20 years of diligent work, it seemed that his dream had come true: he had galloped through more than a dozen financial institutions in the magnificent building he had in his heart at that time, and had established himself. However, with the enrichment of his life experience, he deeply realized water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it. Financial institutions can not only help people, but also potentially harm people and bring catastrophic consequences. He has a grander vision and hopes to use his professional knowledge to help more individuals, families, businesses, and even contribute to the development of the country.

In 2017, Mr. Chan founded Tairos Investment Management Company limited to provide quality client-centric investment services.  

Mr. Chan left AIGI in 2001 to pursue a passion in coaching and mentoring elite junior tennis players from Hong Kong, Nepal and Japan. And, since then, he has continued to be a volunteer tennis coach for a few generations of elite junior tennis players. He is still active in helping young tennis players achieve peak performance in sport as well as life.

Mr. Chan has also been actively participating in community services. He is currently holding or held other public positions in the following organizations: Hong Kong SME Economic and Trade Promotion Association (Executive Vice Chairman), Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Industry and Commerce Federation (Vice Chairman of Financial Sector Committee), Hong Kong Sage Association (Chairman of Finance and Commerce Professional Committee), Hong Kong & Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Association (Director), Lions Club of Kau To Shan (Founding First Vice President), Lions Club of Tuen Mun (Director), Operation Smile International Charity Foundation (Honorable First Secretary), Hong Kong Sun Tzu Art of War International Association (Vice Chairman), and  Hong Kong Sun Tzu Art of War Research Association (General Secretary).

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